Working from Home? What You Need To Know About Blocked Drains

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QLD Coastal Plumbing Blocked Drain And Plumber

Blocked pipes and drains can start as minor issues but without attention, they can quickly escalate to cause major problems. Left unattended, a blocked household drain can lead to flooding, slow water drainage, corrosion, and sewage backup.

As more people are spending more time at home during this period, it is important to understand the best practices for your pipes. Sydney Water has recently released an update that blockages have increased 22% from more people at home flushing inappropriate things down the toilet.

Improper flushing has the potential to cause great damage and is more costly to repair. Prevention starts with knowing the causes of blockages and avoiding them.

Most common causes of blocked drains on the Gold Coast:

Toilet paper build-up and sanitary products

Although designed to be flushed, too much toilet paper can block drains and stop toilets from flushing. Evident in the recent toilet paper crisis, those who have purchased bulk toilet paper may feel liberal in their toilet paper use. Be mindful of the quantity disposed of at any given time.

This also applies to sanitary products. Feminine hygiene products should be disposed of in the rubbish as should any wipes, even if they are marked as flushable. Make sure to avoid flushing anything down the toilet other than toilet paper – including wet wipes and tissue paper.


We all shed hair when we bathe or shower and it can create a blockage when it binds with grease, soap, and other sticky stuff. The best way to prevent it is with a drain guard. Otherwise, clean the plughole regularly.

Dirt and mud

We know that sinks are for washing but they aren’t designed to deal with caked up mud and dirt. Don’t wash clumps of dirt and mud (from shoes and clothes and sports kits) in the sink. Take as much off as you can before washing.

Food waste

Unless you’re using a built-in waste disposal unit, food waste should never be put down the sink, and even then it is better disposed of in a better way – such as on a compost heap. Some foodstuffs simply doesn’t break down in water such as flour, leaves, coffee grounds, and leftover grease.

Mineral build-up

Some areas have water is known as “hard”. This is water that contains a higher level of minerals than “softer” water. The most common evidence of hard water is limescale but other minerals can accumulate and create insoluble masses to create blockages in pipes and drains. Solutions are the installation of a water softener or regular descaling.

Small objects

If small objects get into your plumbing system, they can wreak havoc. No foreign matter should be put down toilets or sinks and it is likely that if this happens, you will need a plumber to remove it.

The best way to deal with blocked drains on the Gold Coast is to prevent them in the first place. Never put anything mentioned above down the drown. If you should find yourself with a blockage, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We offer regular hours and plumbing emergency hour callouts.