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If you’re looking for experts in hot water systems, look no further than QLD Coastal Plumbing for a team that is dependable, skilled, and affordable. Our hot water plumbers service the whole Gold Coast and are available 24/7 to get your hot water system back up and running. From solar hot water systems, to installing a hot water system, to hot water system repairs, we’re here to help.

Queensland Coastal Plumbing will ensure that your hot water system meets all regulations locally and nationally, whilst giving you the comfort and satisfaction of knowing you’re supported by a local contractor.

Call the team at Queensland Coastal plumbing and we guarantee you won’t have to go another night without hot water.

We are able to repair hot water systems showing:

Low-temperature issues

Low pressure of hot water

Leaking pipework

Burst cylinders

Brown water

Internal or external installations

5 Water Heater Failure Signs You Should Never Ignore

  • Lack of Hot Water. Is your shower water lukewarm?
  • Popping or Rumbling Noises.
  • Cloudy Water.
  • Leaking or Faulty Pressure Relief Valve.
  • Leaking Tank Water.

We Offer Repair Services For Virtually Any Type Of Water Heaters, Including

  • Instantaneous water heaters
  • Hot water heaters that run on electricity 
  • Hot water heaters that run on gas


For any residential or industrial construction, Rheem is our Premier Range of hot water storage solutions. Electric storage, diesel, solar, and heat pumps are only a few of the items available to meet your specific needs. Save money with solar hot water, and get up to $1000 in government grants when you get a Rheem solar system installed.

You cannot go wrong with a Rheem, manufactured locally for over 80 years, offering up to a 12 year cylinder warranty.


Vulcan hot water systems have high-quality, cost-effective hot water solutions, including electric, coal, and solar. With up to a 10-year cylinder warranty, 1-year labor on a cylinder, and 1-year parts and labor from Rheem, you know you’re having a premium commodity that can give you peace of mind.

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At QLD Coastal plumbing, we know just how stressful it is when your water heater breaks down or stops providing you with plenty of hot water. You depend on your unit to provide you with hot water at all times because no matter what, you cannot go a single day without a working water heating unit.

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Frequently Asked

Hot water cylinders can last between 5-35 years depending on the installation and wear on the cylinder. At Queensland Coastal Plumbing we are the experts in hot water and will diagnose your systems issues onsite. Signals of replacement can often be

  • Corroded cylinders
  • Expanding or burst seams
  • Leaking cylinders
  • Boiling or overflowing cylinders

At Queensland Coastal Plumbing, we install:

  • Electric Storage
  • Gas Storage
  • Renewable energy hot water systems including
    • Solar
    • Heat pumps

Hot water system installations can be simple or complex. At Queensland Coastal Plumbing we do all professional service. From new installations to complete relocations, changeovers and system installed adaptions no job is too big or small.

Call us today for a free quote or a site assessment.

Low hot water could be due to insufficient storage or inadequate heating. Often increased usage will occur within the property with additional residents or seasonal changes. Inadequate heating can be caused by varying factors.

  • Failed valves
  • Leaking cylinders
  • Leaking pipework
  • Failed heating elements

Call the team at Queensland Coastal Plumbing today and have a fully licensed and insured plumber attend your hot water needs and carry out a site assessment.

Effective maintenance for hot water tank systems is pretty easy, and can double or triple the effective lifespan of your hot water system. To maintain your system, there are two main things you’ll need to consider: