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QLD Coastal Plumbing is a plumbing team that is reliable, professional, and affordable. We service the whole of the Gold Coast and offer a same day service as well as weekend work to get your toilet or tap working again. From leaking taps to clogged toilets, we’re here to fix any plumbing problems.

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Toilet Repair Or Replacement

If you’re thinking about replacing your toilet, you should hire the very best plumber to do the job: QLD Coastal Plumbing. Our plumbers can ensure that your new toilet fits your bathroom and they can install it easily, no matter the design or space.

If you’re looking to have your current toilet repaired, our toilet repair and replacement plumbers work quickly and efficiently to ensure that your toilet is working in pristine condition.

Tap Repair Or Replacement

Today’s taps offer more versatility, creativity, and helpful features. The modern tap is anything you want it to be: wand, sprayer, purifier, and even hands-free! If you can dream it up, there’s a good chance a designer has already done so and it’s available on shelves now. If you’re in the market for a new tap or need your tap replaced, please call us for our tap repair services. Don’t try to install a tap yourself, hire the best professionals to do the job for you!

Here at QLD Coastal Plumbing, we deem ourselves to be tapware experts.

We also offer tap repair, if there is a problem with your tap. If you are experiencing:

  • Dripping tap
  • Inconsistent water flow
  • Worn out washers
  • Screeching or odd noises when you turn the tap on
  • Leaking tap

Call us today for help.

Your tap may need to be repaired or replaced. We offer professional services, to ensure that your tap distributes hot and cold water without leaking or strange noises. Leaking taps may increase your water bill, while dripping taps and other noises can be extremely annoying and possibly impact your water pressure.

Our tap repair plumbers can quickly identify tap problems and work to fix them. We can ensuring that you always have consistent water pressure without strange noises.

QLD Coastal Plumbing Toilet And Tap Repair


Tap and toilet problems are frustrating, and while fixing a leaking tap or clogged toilet may seem like an easy job, it’s generally a more complicated problem than it seems. Your bathroom is a vital room in your house, and we work hard to repair your plumbing issues. Our experienced plumbers promise a speedy repair or replacement job. Whether it’s as simple as a tap repair or a more complicated problem, QCP is here to serve the Gold Coast of Australia.

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Frequently Asked

Well-made taps can last for years under normal conditions, but can be replaced at any time. Older taps can leak when fittings become worn or seals go bad. Whether you’re looking to update your bathroom or replace your older taps, QLD Coastal Plumbing is here to help.

Tap units themselves are readily available and relatively easy to install, but calling a professional plumber ensures that your tap is correctly installed and ready to use.

No, odd noises can indicate poor water pressure or a problem with a seal in the tap, among other issues. If your tap is making odd noises or leaking, give us a call today!