Why Is My Hot Water Not Working In The Shower

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Winter is right around the corner in Gold Coast and the last thing residents want is to have a cold shower. If you need your hot water system fixed, look no further than QLD Coastal Plumbing. The team is dependable, skilled, and affordable. Their hot water plumber’s service the whole Gold Coast and are available 24/7 to get your hot water system back up and running, meaning you will never have to take a cold shower again. We asked the team at QCP the 5 main issues that might cause the hot water to not work in the shower, check out their answers below.

Check Other Faucets

To determine if the issue is with your water tank or just the shower, you should check the temperature from other faucets in your home. If the temperature of the hot water from others taps cools quickly, you may have a an issue with your water tank. If your taps have hot running water, the issue will be with your shower components. If you are unable to determine where the hot water issue is stemming from contact the team at Queensland Coastal Plumbing. Our expert hot water plumbers service the whole Gold Coast area.

The Mixing Valve

The mixing valve is in charge of mixing both hot and cold water to make it the perfect temperature. If the washers and O-rings have worn, the valve may malfunction causing cold water to come through the shower head. This is a complex issue that will require a professional plumber. If you believe this is the issue with your shower, contact the team at QCP. Our expert team on the Gold Coast are available 24/7 to help solve your hot water issues.

The Anti-Scald Valve

The anti-scald valve is a component within the showers plumbing that prevents the water from becoming too hot or cold, which stops people from accidently scalding themselves. While these are useful safety tools, when installed incorrectly it can create inconsistencies with the hot/cold water coming from the showerhead. To ensure the valve has been installed correctly, contact QLD Coastal Plumbing. One of our friendly team members on the Gold Coast, will be out in no time to fix or replace your anti-scald valve.


If the piping in your house was not set up correctly, it can affect the hot water in your showers and faucets. It may also be a case of leaking and corroded pipes, this will not only affect hot water, but also result in low water pressure and contaminated water. The best solution to fix either of these issues, is to contact an experienced plumber to replace the pipes causing the issues. QLD Coastal Plumbing are the plumbing experts on the Gold Coast with years of experience fixing and replacing damaged pipes.

Hot Water Systems

There can be a wide range of issues with your hot water system if you are having issues with your hot water. These issues can range from faulty water heater components to faulty dip tubes and broken thermostats. Your hot water system may also be leaking from poor maintenance, loose components or general wear and tear. If you believe your issue may lie in your Hot Water System, give our team at QCP a call, they are the experts in all things hot water systems. Our hot water plumbers service the whole Gold Coast and are available 24/7 to get your hot water system back up and running.

Give QLD Coastal Pluming a call If you are having issues with the hot water in your shower, give the team at Queensland Coastal Plumbing a call! They are the hot water system experts on the Gold Coast.