Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging?

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No one wants a clogged toilet! But how do you fix your clogged toilet and prevent it from happening again in the future? There are many reasons that you may experience a clogged toilet such as using too much paper, having an older toilet, flushing non-flushable items, a blocked toilet trap, a toilet vent blockage, main sewer line problems, or an insufficient water issue. We have collated all you need to know about how to stop your toilet from clogging and a list of reasons you may experience a clog in the first place. 

What’s to Blame for a Clogged Toilet? 

Experiencing a clogged toilet is a huge sign that something is not quite right. This is typically an issue with your toilet plumbing and can include the following: 

You Might Need an Upgrade 

If your toilet is a low-flow model it may be that your toilet does not have enough pressure to constantly push material through the trap and the drain. A poor flow may mean that some material is always left behind causing a backup. 

The most obvious answer would be to replace your whole toilet. However, if this isn’t an option we would recommend reducing toilet paper use. This will require less material to be moved through the drain. 

You Flushed a Non-flushable Item

Toilets are only designed to pass through human material and toilet paper. Therefore, if you are flushing anything else you may encounter a blockage. The most common non-flushable items flushed include feminine hygiene products, wet wipes, baby wipes and facial tissues. 

Luckily this is a super easy fix, have a discussion with your household members about what can go in the toilet. This is also important to teach your kids from a young age to ensure only what is meant to go in the toilet, goes in there.

Too Much Toilet Paper

This may be an obvious reason but using too much toilet paper may lead to a clogged toilet. Whilst a few squares will be more than enough, many may use far too much! Even though toilet paper is designed to be flushed, too much will still have an effect on your toilet. 

If this is the reason for your clogged toilet, it’s time to have a discussion with your household members. Whether this is chatting to fellow adults or reminding kids how much is enough, a discussion will have to happen. 

The Toilet Trap is Clogged

Your plumbing system will more than likely have a trap that prevents things from moving too far down your plumbing system. The toilet trap prevents blockages before they get too far into your sewer lines. This may be a result of using too much toilet paper or flushing foreign objects down the toilet. 

A toilet plunger may be able to do the job and unlock any blockages that are located in the S-trap. However if this DIY solution doesn’t work, it might be time to call your local licensed plumber. 

Blocked Toilet Vent

In order for your drainage system to work it requires airflow. If there is a blockage in your toilet ventilation pipe then the pressure may be impacting the ability to have a proper flush. This may be due to incorrect design or installation of the pipe. You may also have blockages from leaves or other debris. Before calling out a professional you could try these steps: 

  1. Get access to your toilet vent, it is normally located above your home’s main bathroom. 
  2. Remove the cap that covers the vent, you may find leaves and other debris located inside. If possible reach down and remove it. 
  3. Use your garden hose to spray some water down the vent. A powerful water flow may force the clog out and into the sewerage lines. You will be able to quickly tell if this is effective if the water backs up to the roof. 
  4. Use a toilet auger (needs to be at least 6 meters long) and insert it into the vent. Rotate it to break up the clog. (Tip: you can find these located at your local bunnings) 
  5. Run more water down the vent to clear the clogged material. If this is unsuccessful and the water still backs up, call your local plumber for assistance. 

Clogged Sewer Line

If all of the above does not prove to be the issue, you may have a clogged sewer line. This happens due to a clog and it blocks any of the material moving through it. You will continue to experience a clogged toilet until this issue is rectified. Unfortunately, a clogged sewer line is not something that can be done as a DIY. You will definitely need the help of a professional and you should call as soon as you notice any of the above signs.

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