When Your Water Heater Takes Too Long: Reasons and Tips

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Whether we realise it or not, having access to hot water is a daily necessity we have become accustomed to. Between our daily showers, laundry, and cooking needs, if our water is taking too long to heat up, we will know. In this blog post we will explore why your water is taking too long to heat up and how a Gold Coast Plumber can help.  

  1. Distance  

If your bathroom is located a fair distance away from your hot water system, the water will have further to travel and will lose heat as it travels.  

Solving this problem could be as simple as adjusting your thermostat. Your local Gold Coast Plumber can help to make sure this is the right step.  

  1. Undersized hot water service  

Hot water systems are often sized based on the amount of people in the home at that time. If the users were to grow, than the water system would become too small and fail to keep up with hot water demands of the home.  

Our Gold Coast Hot Water System Plumbers would be able to identify this issue and upgrade or change your hot water system.  

  1. Sediment build-up 

Minerals in your water supply settle to the bottom of the storage tank, where for most systems is where the gas burners are. This layer of sediment blocks the burners and makes your water heater less effective at producing hot water.  

It is highly recommended that this is maintained by a qualified plumber. Contact your local Gold Coast Plumber to have your system serviced.  

  1. Thermostat settings 

Every hot water system will have a thermostat to set the outgoing water temperature. If you are having issues with your water temperature, your thermostat could be the cause. 

It is important when adjusting your thermostat to ensure you are not setting it too high, consider hiring your local Gold Coast Plumber to help with this.  

  1. Faulty Tempering Valve 

Tempering valves are used to prevent bathroom taps from becoming scolding and protect home owners through reducing the hot water temperature to safe levels.  

Tempering valves must be set by a licensed plumber and if this is necessary contact your local Gold Coast hot water system specialists.  

  1. Your water heater is failing 

Like other appliances in the home, after extended use water systems can suffer from failures. If you are struggling to get hot water or there are long wait times for hot water these are signs that your system may be failing.  

Similarly to the other issues, if you believe your system is failing consider talking to a Gold Coast Hot Water System Plumber, such as QCP.  

Coming into winter it is important we can trust the appliances in our home to keep us warm and safe. By being aware of these potential issues with our hot water systems we can be proactive in conducting maintenance and adjustments when they are necessary. To keep your family and home flowing with hot water ensure you reach out to a Gold Coast hot water system specialist, such as Queensland Coastal Plumbing for all your hot water maintenance needs.