What size of Hot Water System do I need for a Family of 4?

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QLD Coastal Plumbing Hot Water System

Every family and home differ so you need to carefully choose the correct size hot water system to suit your needs.  

Hot water units begin around 25L and go up to 400L. However, it Is not as simple as X number of litres per family member, there are also other things that you need to consider.  

What size should you choose?  

Choosing the right size water system is important. Firstly, if your hot water system is too small, you will constantly be running out of water. However, if your hot water system is too large, you may be spending an unnecessary amount of energy heating it. This is because will maintain the heat of your water even when you are not using it, utilising a larger amount of energy.  

Other Factors to Consider  

Key factors to consider when choosing your hot water system Australia include:  

  • How many people will be using the hot water?  

Obviously, this includes the 4 people that live at your house fulltime however you also need to consider your visitors that may come and stay.  

  • How many water outlets will the heater be attached to?  

If your heater will only be attached to one shower then it has more time to warm up for subsequent showers, therefore a small heater may be suitable.  

However, if you have to warm multiple showers at the same time, you will need a larger heater.  

  • What are your families water usage habits?  

Shower habits such as length of showers and what time of day your family takes showers should be considered.  

  • What types of shower heads you use? 

Your shower head can impact your water consumption such as size and pressure of the water. Some shower heads are water-saving which will influence the water demand.  

  • Gas or electric?  

Whether you choose to have your water system powered by electricity or natural gas will significantly impact the size of your water tank.  

What size water tank? 

The following tables will give you an estimate for the right size tank for your family. Peak usage refers to the rate that water is consumed during times when water is most in demand (e.g., at night once everyone is home from school/work).  

Electric Hot Water System 

Number of People Peak UsageTank Size

Gas Hot Water System 

Number of People Peak UsageTank Size

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