What is Considered an Emergency Plumbing Issue? 

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You have just noticed that you have a leaky tap or toilet but how do you know if you need to call an emergency plumber? It is sometimes difficult to know what issues require an emergency plumber and what issues can wait until the morning.  

Here is a list of issues that should require an emergency plumber:  

Burst Pipes 

A burst water pipe can have significant flow on effects and can quickly damage your floors, wall or furniture, etc. You can encounter a burst pipe for several reasons including faulty plumbing fixtures, age, or an accidental impact. If you discover a burst pipe in the middle of the night, best practice is to turn off the main water to your house and then call your local Gold Coast 24 hours plumbers on 1800 367 727. You will need to have your burst pipe repaired before you are able to have the water to your house restored.  

Water Leak  

No matter where the water is leaking from, a water leak is never good news. Your water leak could be caused from a hot water heater leak, a potential crack in a drain or a tap washer fail. A light trickle from your tap may initially not be an issue however it can turn into a strong stream of water. We recommend turning off your main water tap and then contacting an emergency plumber to avoid an excess of water being wasted or potential damage to your house.  

Gas Leak  

A gas leak can be particularly dangerous for both you and your family. If you begin to smell gas or suspect a leak you need to turn off the main source IMMEDIATELY! Following this open your doors and windows to allow fresh air back into your house and then call your local emergency plumbers. Due to the how flammable gas is DO NOT use any lights, matches, lighters, power tools or any type of open flame if you suspect that you have a leak. 

Blocked Toilet  

Whilst a functioning plumbing system should effectively get rid of waste if a blockage did occur it could be rather unpleasant. We recommended calling an emergency plumber ASAP. 

If you come across any other plumbing issues, give your Gold Coast emergency plumbers a call on 1800 367 727. With remote triage we can ensure that no further damage is caused to your residential or commercial address whilst we are on the way.