How To Remove Rust Stains From A Toilet Bowl

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Having rust in your toilet bowl can be an irritating problem, especially when we all lead busy lives that don’t always enable us to look after the smaller issues in our homes. Maintaining cleanliness and zero to no rust in the toilet and bathroom requires an acid-based cleaner. Some easy reach solutions usually lean towards chlorine bleach to remove rust stains, without realizing it can make the problem worse. This method can cause staining in the toilet bowl and create an even bigger problem. Make sure to call our team at Queensland Coastal Plumbing to figure how we can assist you further!

What Causes Rust Stains In A Toilet Bowl:

It can be common for rust to form on porcelain toilet bowls and on most occasions, it’s not caused by how many times the toilet is used, but instead by the water system and the concentration of minerals in sewage water. When iron and oxygen mix it causes an adverse chemical reaction that causes rust. If there is too much iron in the water when exposed to oxygen particles, the chemical reaction of rust will appear. 

By taking the appropriate steps, you can help keep your toilets and washbasins stain-free by reducing the amount of iron present and, consequently, the deposits on their surfaces. If you have an older home, the iron may be coming from old pipes that unfortunately do deteriorate after many years. Our professional services on the Gold Coast can help you with plumbing situations in your kitchen or bathroom! Call Queensland Coastal Plumbing today 1800 367 727.

3 Ways To Remove Rust Stains In A Toilet Bowl:

  • Citric Acid: This acid can be collected from the juice of fresh lemons and limes which can be purchased at your local supermarket. Use the citric acid of the fresh lemons or limes by cutting it in half, then dip the open edge into either salt or baking soda and scrub the rust affected area. You can also create a paste out of lemon juice and baking soda to target the more affected areas. Cover the area with plastic wrap to keep the area moist and let the paste do it’s magic. 
  • Coca-Cola: A simple yet effective plumbing solution is everyone’s favorite drink, this sugary drink not only erodes teeth enamel, but it also erodes rust. To use this method on a toilet bowl, pour 350mls of Coco-Cola around the rim of the bowl, making sure to get an even coating. A thin layer will cover the sides while the rest will sit in the bowl, leave it to soak. The rust should be easier to break down or scrub away after letting it soak for at least an hour, however overnight would be best.
  • Vinegar: White vinegar is an affordable and common household pantry item that can be used to effectively break down rust. Similar to the Coca-Cola trick, soak the affected area with vinegar to break down the rust. There are many plumbing solutions offered on the Gold Coast but they will be no match to the best and most efficient service from Queensland Coastal Plumbing. 

How To Prevent Rust Stains In A Toilet Bowl:

For future reference, the best way to remove rust stains is to prevent them. You can do this by regularly deep cleaning your toilet bowls and other affected areas such as the sink and shower. If something does not look right, you can always look to Queensland Coastal Plumbing to service your bathroom.

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