How to Fix a Leaky Shower Head

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how to fix a leaky shower head

There is nothing more frustrating than a leaky shower head, the constant dripping can be a headache for anyone. 

Why is the shower leaking? 

The first step is to understand why the shower head is leaking. 

Some of the most common reasons to a leaky shower head is,

  • Cleaning the shower head
  • Replacing the washer
  • Replacing the shower head
  • Replacing the cartridge valve

Cleaning the Shower Head 

The most popular course of action is to start with cleaning your shower head. Before cleaning the shower head, make sure to turn off the main water supply. Once you’ve removed the head, make sure to scrub off the limescale and mineral deposits thoroughly so the holes aren’t covered. If you aren’t able to clear the holes all the way through, grab a small pin and poke through the holes. 

A cheap cleaning hack that is used widely is to soak the shower head in white vinegar for a few hours, making sure it is scrubbed clean before being re attached to the shower. We offer a no call out fee for plumbing emergencies on the Gold Coast, call us today for efficient service from Queensland Coastal Plumbing.

Replacing the Washer 

If cleaning the shower head doesn’t resolve the issue, the next step would be replacing the washer. You can usually buy these at a hardware store. The washers are mostly always behind taps/levers and shower heads. Firstly unscrew the head from the shower and you should be able to see a nut, this needs to be removed also and you will be able to see a washer. 

It’s best to take the washer into the hardware store to make sure you get the correct size. Once you have your new washers, remove the old one and pop the new one in. Put the shower head on and check to see if the leak has stopped, if has stopped dripping water it will now be fixed. If it is still leaking you may need to replace the shower head. 

Replacing the Shower Head 

If you are able to get in contact with the manufacturer for a replacement shower head, you should do so! Then you have peace of mind you have the correct shower head as a replacement. Most shower heads in newer or renovated bathrooms are likely to fit if you purchase a new shower head. Don’t throw the old one out until you make sure the new one is the correct fit. If there is still leaking, you may need to replace the cartridge valve.

Replacing the Cartridge Valve

At this point it is recommended to have an experienced plumber come and look at what the problem could be. Make sure to call our team at Queensland Coastal Plumbing to figure how we can assist you further with your repairs. Unless you are a very experienced in home improvement jobs and are confident in you ability you may be able to change the cartridge valve. There are different taps for different cartridges’ and they all receive wear and tear over the years. Most of the time you can spot them for their unique gold colour but there are also silver ones. You may need some special tools to remove the valve and it’s best to contact the manufacturer to get the identical model and attach the new one. 

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