How do You Know if your Water is Leaking?

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Problems in your home’s plumbing system can sometimes go undetected if you don’t know where to look. Water leaks can happen due to various reasons such as clogged or damaged pipes or problems with the main water line. Some leaks are easy to pinpoint while others can go undetected for a long time leading to even more damage. 

Prolonged water leaks can lead to waste of money and water, both of which should be managed responsibly. Once you know that you have a water leak, reach out to professionals who will provide you with hassle-free solutions.

Here are seven ways to know if your water is leaking:

  1. Increased Water Bill

Regularly check your water bill and see if it is much higher than what you would usually expect. If your water consumption remains unchanged, and you can’t explain the water bill increase, it could be a sign that you have a leaking pipe somewhere.

  1. Wet Spots

Wet spots on the floor or walls are common signs that your house has a water leak problem.

It could also appear inside sink cabinets or even on your lawn or at the outside of your house. If it’s outside, you will see puddles around your outer walls even when it has not been raining.

  1. Wall Discolouration

Stains, wet rings or discolouration of your walls or ceilings are signs that you have a leaking water pipe. These stains are usually yellow or brown in colour.

Stains on your wall could mean that water is leaking behind from your drywall and leaking to the front side. Water leaks can also cause your ceiling to sag and maybe even collapse.

If you don’t want your water leak to damage your house, get a plumber who can immediately resolve this problem for you.

  1. House Foundation Cracks

It’s normal to have little hairline cracks in your house if it’s not that new anymore. But if you notice cracks suddenly getting bigger or new cracks appearing out of nowhere, this could be a sign that a leaking pipe is seeping into your house’s foundation.

If left untreated, the leaking water will weaken the structural components of your home and can even cause your home’s foundation to sink slowly.

  1. Water Sounds

Unexpectedly hearing water sounds is an easier way to know if your water is leaking. While some water pipe leaks are silent, some leaks cause some sound, making it more obvious that you have a water problem.

Water sounds could be bubbling noises from the toilet or sink or whistling from water pipes. If your faucet is not running, you should also not hear the sounds of running water or dripping water.

Always check if you hear sounds coming from areas that are prone to water leaks. If you hear water sounds where you are not supposed to, immediately reach out to professionals to have it checked.

  1. Water Pressure

If the water that comes out of your faucet or shower seems a little weak, this could be a sign that you have a water leak, especially if nothing has changed with your water supply. Damaged or clogged pipes or issues with the water line can cause decreased water pressure in your home.

Sometimes, you can find out the location of your water leaks depending on which faucets and water fixtures have low pressure.

  1. Musty Smell

When dirty water and sewage do not go to its intended public sewer lines, it stays in one place and stagnates, which leads to a terrible odour.

It’s a sign that your pipes may be blocked which causes your water to leak. A persistent leak also provides a humid environment that can cause mould to grow, which leads to a musty smelling room.

Even if you do not see where the leak is, a musty smell is a serious signal that something is wrong with your pipes, and you need to get professional help.