Are Emergency Plumbers More Expensive? 

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Do you have a plumbing emergency but are not sure about how much it is going to cost you?  

Similar to hiring a plumber, the cost of the plumbing job is dependent on multiple factors. This often is based on the size of the job that needs to be completed. Plumbing is often something that people don’t worry about until something goes wrong. Due to the work that 24-hour plumbers complete, you may find your plumbing bill slightly more expensive than regular bills.  

But when do you call the out-of-hours plumber? A piping issue may be a little inconvenient but may not be worth getting the out-of-hours plumber out for.  

Here is a list of some reasons you may find yourself calling the out-of-hours plumber:  

  1. Burst pipe. 
  1. Water dripping from a particular area. 
  1. You wake up to find your home is flooded. 
  1. There is a sewage backup issue. 
  1. There is a gas leak. 

The reason that we consider these issues important enough to call an emergency plumber is because they need immediate attention and can not simply wait until the morning. A burst pipe could quickly escalate and result in structural damage to your home. A gas leak has obvious risks to everyone within your home, which could potentially be deadly. You just need to make sure that your plumber is a gas fitting specialist.  

Clogged drains could potentially require an emergency plumber however in most cases this could wait until tomorrow. Blocked drains are generally a quick fix that the majority of plumbers can solve quickly.  

Typically, you will be charged an additional after-hours call-out fee on top of the work completed by the plumber. However, QLD Coastal plumbing has a no-call-out fee guarantee. This means that you will only pay for the time that your plumber is on the job. Significantly reducing the cost of your plumbing emergency.  

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